Now in its 4th year, The Vast Parlor is starting off 2017  in the newest format. The show is now on the first Wednesday of the month and is three hours long on Each month we will feature a different guest whom we feel is doing something special within drum and bass. We hope to take a deeper look at drum and bass music and the culture around it. We are looking to give voice and perspective to the sounds, textures, landscapes, and cityscapes that go into this sonic experience that make up a complex layered view and understanding of the world around us. Sometimes it will be upfront drum and bass action, then others it will move around the minimal deconstruction of it all. Add on some jungle, rollers, halftime, autonomic, Apaches and amens for good measure. This music is a living, breathing, multi-dynamic world, and we aim to take a look at it all and invite you along to take this trip with us. Join us in the chat on the site or on twitter  @thevastparlor. Thanks for checking it out!




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