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IMPERIAL : KLUTE “Read Between The Lines” Album Tour

Friday April 7th 2017

(‘Read Between the Lines’ Album Tour)
Klute – Official

KARL K ////

BMA ////


(Autonomic set)

Drum n Bass / Jungle music
Heavy bass and breaks
Loaded with funk and vibes
Reinforced Sound
Visually Enhanced
The Fire
412 W. Girard Ave.
21+ / 9pm – late
$15 Cash at door


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100th Episode of The Best Drum And Bass Podcast!


Proud to be a part of the Best Drum and Bass team, and proud of the music we share with people. To celebrate the 100th episode of the Bestdrumandbass Podcast, a few of us shared some mini mixes in this mix, just under 2 hours. Come get nice. Big up to Bad Syntax, S-Doobie, Contrast, Deeb for all throwing down a mix for this!

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“TRUE STORY” now available on NERVOSA!!


In case you have not picked it up yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!?!? Get your dollar out and help the dream come true!! You can pick it up right HERE!!!!

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The Vast Parlor with BMA 9.22.16 on

We returned this week to Re-open The Vast Parlor after a months rest, updates, and some travel. Take a listen for some brand new music from all over the Drum and Bass spectrum. Here is how it played out…

Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Buzzkill – Samurai Music
Freeway – Despair – Neurodeep Community
Gremlinz – Forlorn – 31 Recordings
Outer Heaven – Rankin – Rupture
Treega – Bit kid – The Dreamers Dub
Kiril – Oh! – The Dreamers
Enei – Hot Plate – Critical
Skeptical – Instant Reflex – Exit
Pen – Alpha Memory – Tesseract Recordings
XTM – Time – Future Funk Music
Altered Perception – Intoxicant- Tesseract Recordings
Intrinzic – Futures_Past – Dub
D –Audi – 2nd Street – Dub
TheeFunklord – Dexters Tune (codas Good dOg Remix) – Dub
BMA – Book House Boys – Dub
Dr Meaker – Fighter (Unreal Remix) – V Records
Nucleus – Chiron – 31 Recordings
XTM – Format – Future Funk Music
Ulterior Motive – M I R – Metalheadz
Bakteria – In The Shadows – Nervosa
HammerZz – Relic – Nervosa
BMA – True Story – Nervosa
Break – Who Got Da Funk – Symmetry
SpectraSoul – 4URGH – Ish Chat
Special Forces – Sidewinder – Photek Productions
???????? – Western End DUB
Dillinja – Why? – Valve
Dillinja – Tudor Rose – Hardleaders
HammerZz – Linga – Dub


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The Vast Parlor with BMA on 8.10.16


So that escalated quickly….a whole grip of new music from Nervosa, Mayan Audio, and more. Its safe to say the Parlor was a lil dark and dirty this week….

Jestah – Commandments – Mayan Audio
Benny L – In The Groove – Mayan Audio
L-Side – I Wish – V Recordings
Need For Mirrors – Son Of Sorrow – V Recordings
Response – I Don’t Want To Go Outside – Commercial Suiside
NC17 – Lazor Rot (NC17 Remix) – 36Hertz
Arkaik – No Playing – Dispatch
Kiril – Alpha – The Dreamers Recordings
Fracture & Chimpo – From Early (Fracture’s Reduction Mix) – Metalheadz
Dom & Roland – Soundwall VIP – Moving Shadow
36HTZ061A3 – Jem One – Jungle Soldier – 36 Hertz recordings
Technical Itch – Soldiers VIP – Penetration
Temmulent v HammerZz – Titan – Nervosa Dub
Temulent vs. SIGNALFISTA – Blood Of Innocents (SIGNALFISTA VIP) – Nervosa
Temulent – DeathPeddler – Nervosa
BMA – TrueStory – Nervosa
Bakteria – The Voyage – Nervosa
Todd Buchler – Vanguard – Dub
Homemade Weapons- Clarion Call – Samuri
Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Sleep Terror – Weapons
Dirty Ammo -Forge By Fire – Nervosa
Traced – Grid Eater – Mayan Audio
Temulent vs Arsenic – North25th – Nervosa
HammerZz feat. K Krump – Semi Automatic – Nervosa
A-Sides – Coconut Dub – Eastside
Loxy & Resound – White Lotus VIP – Architecture
Bredren – Rotten (Amoss Remix) – Proximity
Simplification & Translate – Tonight (L-Side Remix) – V Recordings
Basic Forces – Open Your Eyes – dub
Calibre – Drop It Down (feat. MC Fats) – Signature
BMA – Undertoe – Dub
Todd Buchler – Chi Remix – ??????

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twitter – @thevastparlor

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The Vast Parlor with BMA and Special Guest HammerZz on 6.8.16

What an amazing show this week was. So much fun with action right from the start. Hour one was BMA, followed up by HammerZz in hour number two. Pure mind melting selections. 120 minutes of modern drum and bass.

BMA Set List
Response – I Don’t Want To Go Outside
Temulent – Follower –
Digital & Drum Cypha – Brain Damage
SpectraSoul – SM1
Optiv & CZA – Sub Surface
Prolix – Throwdown
Machine Code – Projection
Qudrant, Kid Hops, Iris 206
Noisia, Maldini & Vegas – Meditation
Todd Buchler – Onyx
DJ Mastas Giv It All 2 U
Blocks & Escher – Moods
Temulent – Emperor

HammerZz Set List
Octo Pi-Shift
HammerZz & Liminal & Bengal- Slimer
Octo Pi Feat MC Bluejay-Step Up
Pish Posh- Untitled
Octo Pi- Frightened
HammerZz – Relic
Space Journey & HammerZz – Centipede
HammerZz- Mind Drift
P739-Alien Contact
Octo Pi-Try it
Space Journey & HammerZz- Photosphere
Space Journey -Emperial
Archesta & HammerZz – Swamptiger
Neonlight-Bad Omen
Mob Tactics-Shark Tank
Audeka & Disprove – Militant
Glitch & HammerZz – Vengeance
Rusty Mustard-Make it happen (HammerZz Rmx)
Mayhem & Logam – All I do (Gridlok rmx)
Dioptrics – talk to me (Space Journey rmx)
Six Blade- Bane
HammerZz feat. K Krump – Semi Automatic
The Plesk – Zero
Toronto is broken – Zero One
Mean Teeth – Transfixed
Temulent – Proletariat
P739 – Ahead Of the Game
HammerZz – Dreamcatcher
Octo Pi – Pay Off
HammerZz & Liminal & Bengal – Beside Myself

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The Vast Parlor Radio 5.18.16 with special guest Intrinzic!

I was joined this week by one of my favorite voices in drum and bas today, the man known as Intrinzic.  With releases on Fluid State Recordings, Convex Records, Patrol The Skies, Faction Digital and others, Steve Valdez brings a flawless blend of deep, tek, and dare I say soulful  emotion to his music and sets. This is two hours of some of my favorite music as of late on The Vast Parlor.  Each of us provided an hour of music that is really what its all about for us at the moment. Set list


Klute – Sober Light Of Day

Basic Forces – Out Of The Box

Melinki & Anode – Feat Damien Soul – Where Did It All Go Wrong

Future Signal – Ulysses

Commix – Generation

Alibi – Hideaway

Nymfo – Pitchfork

L-Side – Riddim Dancer (Feat. Ragga Twins)

Psidream – Skin Return

SpectraSoul – 4URGH

Spectrasoul – Glimpse (feat. dBridge)

Intrinzic – Hallways

Command Strange – Bring Me Back

Nymfo – Beep

Silent Witness & Survival – Lights

Tokyo Prose – Tell Me

Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC1 – Hungry for Atmosphere

Melinki – It’s A Shame



Xentrix,Optimystic – Crash Heaven

Scar – Caged

Mayhem,Logam – Centuria (Amoss rmx)

Sgnal – Enair

Enei, Kasra Lessons_ft DRS

DBR UK – Hexton ft Skeptical

Fading Memories Impish Remix

Changing Faces – Inside Your Mind

Intrinzic – Elusive Melody

Calibre, Marcus Intalex – Run Away

Joakuim, Impish – Sanne (joakuim’s version)

Intrinzic – Gone Your Own Way

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