werewolfThe Vast Parlor is a wide open platform and space that can entertain, inspire, teach, share, encourage, and engage. It was developed to serve as an outlet for the creative process of the Brian Aufdenberg as well as the projects under his alter egos Bagel, BMA, BGZ215, Brian OK, and The Breed.

After studying photography, philosophy, and political science, and art history for five years Brian went on to take the next logical step in the early and mid 1990’s and went into the apparel and music industry. From working part time at a local clothing store and DJing house parties to eventually overseeing apparel sales for such brands as Breakbeat Science in NYC  durring the time that they were the first brand to use the work of such artists as Ryan McGinness, Surface To Air, Rag and Bone, Kenzo Minami, and Damian Higgins “Dieselboy” as well as others, on their clothing. He also went on to be a national voice for the emerging Drum and Bass movement that was starting to take shape in the USA. Over a seven year period from 1998 to 2004 he hosted Eclipse on such places as andythepooh.com, Selekta.com and then one of the very first ever shows on DNBTV.com with known listeners in over 26 countries tuning in to hear the latest in up-front drum and bass. This was supported with an active and at times a non-stop touring schedule that saw him DJing in just about every major drum and bass party and club in North America and beyond. In 2004 with a move to Philadelphia and years of DJing under his belt, and a growing carear in the apparel industry, he decided to walk away from the front lines of drum and bass.

In 2006, Brian took his love of street ware, street culture, tattoos, rum, and DIY attitude and went to work for Sailor Jerry. There he was able to combine all his loves into one. He took off on a journey to grow the brand and its apparel to an international level and never looked back. With a travel schedule that would make many lose their mind, he embraced and took it all in and took it for a ll it was and is worth. Along the way he has documented the whirlwind madness in multiple mediums. The Vast Parlor is the outlet of those mediums. Whether it is photography, writing, drinking, or music, you can keep up with it all here.



4 responses to “ABOUT

  1. “With a travel schedule that would make many loose their mind…” typo buddy Brian with an I…that would be ‘lose’…with such an amazing array of words, and mentally painted pictures on this site i have perused, i would hate to see such a small detail as a typo ruin its tenacity. -much love and respect from your friendly neighborhood dj, Dennis

  2. Brian, came on over to say many thanks for the follow on my humble wee blog, particularly as I see that your studies included photography. Any comments / suggestions really appreciated, great to have you on board. Let me travel a bit around your blog, MM 🍀

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