The Vast Parlor with BMA and Special Guest HammerZz on 6.8.16

What an amazing show this week was. So much fun with action right from the start. Hour one was BMA, followed up by HammerZz in hour number two. Pure mind melting selections. 120 minutes of modern drum and bass.

BMA Set List
Response – I Don’t Want To Go Outside
Temulent – Follower –
Digital & Drum Cypha – Brain Damage
SpectraSoul – SM1
Optiv & CZA – Sub Surface
Prolix – Throwdown
Machine Code – Projection
Qudrant, Kid Hops, Iris 206
Noisia, Maldini & Vegas – Meditation
Todd Buchler – Onyx
DJ Mastas Giv It All 2 U
Blocks & Escher – Moods
Temulent – Emperor

HammerZz Set List
Octo Pi-Shift
HammerZz & Liminal & Bengal- Slimer
Octo Pi Feat MC Bluejay-Step Up
Pish Posh- Untitled
Octo Pi- Frightened
HammerZz – Relic
Space Journey & HammerZz – Centipede
HammerZz- Mind Drift
P739-Alien Contact
Octo Pi-Try it
Space Journey & HammerZz- Photosphere
Space Journey -Emperial
Archesta & HammerZz – Swamptiger
Neonlight-Bad Omen
Mob Tactics-Shark Tank
Audeka & Disprove – Militant
Glitch & HammerZz – Vengeance
Rusty Mustard-Make it happen (HammerZz Rmx)
Mayhem & Logam – All I do (Gridlok rmx)
Dioptrics – talk to me (Space Journey rmx)
Six Blade- Bane
HammerZz feat. K Krump – Semi Automatic
The Plesk – Zero
Toronto is broken – Zero One
Mean Teeth – Transfixed
Temulent – Proletariat
P739 – Ahead Of the Game
HammerZz – Dreamcatcher
Octo Pi – Pay Off
HammerZz & Liminal & Bengal – Beside Myself


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