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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been


I am lucky enough to have been traveling and DJing Drum and Bass music for about 19 years now. When we all were getting into this the everyday technology for documenting things were not as readily accessible as they are now. Sure, we had the normal means of doing mix tapes,  DATS, Mini discs etc. but it was still a challenge to capture it all. Most of the sets and recordings are lost to history and memories of those who were there. (Insert standard ‘you just had to be there mannn’ comment). In the last few weeks I have come across more and more of them. My good friend Andy The Pooh has found a grip of archives of my old show Eclipse from right around the Y2K era. Now that I will be home a bit more, I plan to get more of these up online. Here is one that I was able to get up already.  Its from February of 2001:

Another recent discovery was of older recordings and videos from RESPECT in Los Angeles. I played there at the end of February 2002. You can listen AND watch to that club event here:…/resp…/respect.2002-02-28.bagel.wmv

Now flash forward 13 years almost to the day of the RESPECT set to last week for my latest installment of my current netcast of The Vast Parlor Radio:

so yeah, 19 years later, and here we are. Still loving and living for this music. Still getting that same joy and happiness this drum and bass music brings us all. The passion is more intense then ever, as is the relief of knowing that the music is always there. That there is one thing in this crazy universe that just makes sense to me. A big up to all those who have supported, pushed, prodded, and encouraged me all these years. Here is to another 19 years…


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