A big thank you to everybody that came out over this past weekend to go to IMPERIAL. Since I played, a few people have reached out about some of the tracks I payed, so here is the set list:

Dom and Roland – Flux

Nymfo – Beep

Spectrasoul – Organiser (Original Mix)

Break and DLR – New Design

SCAR – Call To Arms

DRS – Count To Ten (feat Enei)

Sub Zero & Majistrate – Idea

Bladerunner & Savage Rehab – Somethings Got To Give

A Sides – What U Don’t Know (feat Regina-Makoto_remix)

Command Strange & Artificial Intelligence – Dismiss (Feat Jamakabi)

Special Forces – Sidewinder

C.A.B.L.E. – Individual (Original Mix)

S.P.Y – Back Again

Survival & Silent Witness – Immortal

Kemal and Rob Data – Gene Sequence

Optiv & BTK – Weapon of Choice

Digital & Spirit – Creeper

Dom & Roland – Outta Endz VIP

Cool Hand Flex – Melody Madness (Break remix)

POX, Fidel Maestro – Versailles Street Blues (Original Mix)

Dom & Roland – Raptor

Ulterior Motive – Given Contact

Channel 2 – Mad Over We

Mefjus – Signalz

Enei – Prometheus


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