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Sometimes You Win…



Yesterday was one of those days that just did not seem real. It still doesn’t  Maybe the morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, or maybe its too early in the day and yesterday is still touchable from my morning seat. Either way I will need a few days to absorb and let it all sink in. It was a case of the sum of ones day in small parts creating one total day that was a hodge podge of things getting to where they need to be. I can’t go into specifics at this time (soon enough these things will be open to the public) but it was refreshing to see a full circle develop. To start to see challenges overcame. To be able to stop and look back and see where you were at one point, where you wanted to go and the journey that has gone along with it. Then one day durring multiple calls, sending multiple emails and mixed into the joy of the everyday minutia you look into it all and see these things all creating an actual realization of your vision.  To be able to stop and see it right infront of you is something everyone should be able to experience

I think what makes it all more fulfilling and exciting is to be able to say I helped get it done on my terms. To not compromise my values, to stand up for my vision, and to not allow doubt or fear of failure to get in my way, or at least let them defeat me.  I know all of this is vague but I also know you probably have had times where you just had to tell someone something, even if you couldn’t tell them exactly what. Anyway folks, moral of the story is to keep banging away at what you hold true. To examine what and why you do something, and allow yourself the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the things that make you happy.


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