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Lets Get This Show On The Road…

Its still dark. Heather is still asleep. South Philly is quiet and the house is still. Hell, there isn’t even any coffee brewed yet. Its just past 6am on the day we hit the road for a Thanksgiving week with my mom, some gigs, and seeing some of my very oldest and dearest friends. It almost has the feelings that we are taking one part Kerouac and Cassidy outings of seeing whats out there, and mixing it with a classic holiday travel to family romcom. It will be equal parts of wild freedom delicately blended with introspection fueled by genuine nostalgia.

As mentioned in the previous post, it is something I am looking forward to sharing with my lady-friend  whose life, influences, and roots have been shared and shown to me since we first met. We were talking yesterday and it was interesting to summarize that I have 9 days to show her what she has shown me over the last two years.

I am looking forward to connecting with people who helped shaped me, and help me be the man I am today. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my passion of music. Its not that it ever went away, but it became more personal, and less business and I am curious to see how that plays out when I stand behind those turntables in public to share the way I see and hear and feel this music I know so well and with so much love and understanding.

I know its going to be one hell of a ride, so lock and load ya’ll, its tine to get this show on the road….


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Home Sweet Home

Halloween has come and gone, and we are now two days into November and I have started to slowly get amped up about the anual holiday season. Traditionally it has never been a major deal or time for me. My immediate family has always been close, but not in proximity or in time spent together compared to most here in the good old USA. Since I have become a father however, that is changing and the understanding and need for my daughter to be around her bloodline and kinfolk is more and more important in a way I have never understood until now. As my ladyfriend (Happy Birthday HKB!) and I grow closer and closer and continue to build our home and family, the sense of family and the understanding of home is becoming more important as well. It is turning out to be quite a great thing that I was never too overly excited about in the past, and am glad this is changing.

One of the challenges of living so far from where I grew up, but dating someone who lives 10 minutes from their childhood home is that my friends of my youth, and some of my longer running friends are not near by. There is no point of reference to where I am from and the things that have helped me become who I am today.  There is no connection to the stories of my youth. No recall of smells and sounds and sights of the things that motivated me. No way to show how growing up around such an international melting pot of Ohio State University helped to fill my mind with wonder and curiosity about all the places on this planet outside of an All American city like Columbus, Ohio. No way to connect how spending hours on rainy days exploring the Village Bookshop or The Book Loft in German Village and the way the smell of all those old and rare books were (and still are) an intoxicating smell and also helped push me to understand and explore this rich planet. However, there is also no way to explain the way I needed to get out when I did. The need to break out and use those motivators to grow and excel and be as triumphant and pure in my undertakings as I could after nineteen odd years in the great Buckeye State. That is all about to change…..

For the first time in almost ten years, I am spending the holidays with my family. That statement can conjure up all sorts of emotions in just about anyone, but let me be clear about just how excited I am about all of this. There are so many things for me to be excited about.  First off, spending Thanksgiving with my mom, and my  ladyfriend in Ohio and the eight day road trip surrounding it is going to so much fun. Showing her my old stomping grounds, introducing her to some of my oldest and dearest friends, and it goes without saying introducing her to the glory that is Donato’s Pizza and UDF Chocolate and  Peanut Butter milkshakes. Getting to play music (details to follow) with some of the coolest cats I know, and being able to order a Red Cream Soda without anyone giving me a weird look. This has brought up a large amount of thoughts about why we have such an attachement to our regional foods and treats, but that is for another day. This  road trip will take us through Columbus, Dayton, and Pittsburgh with a few other side trips here and there in the mix for good measure.  I expect there to be many great photos to with this journey, which you can see in the photo stream on the side bar on the homepage of The Vast Parlor.

After we get through that, we will be taking my daughter to Texas for a Christmas gathering with my brother and his family, our mom, and the three of us. I am not quiet in the Christmas mood yet, but will share some thoughts on that as we get a little closer to that time….

For now, its time to get ready Ohio…..I’m coming for you and I am bringing the HKB with me. You have been warned….

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