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Head South

It always starts out so organized, put together and on point. Lists are made and appointments are set. The cooler is stocked with grocers to save money along the way. The sun is bright and the promise of the open road and the soundtrack assured by that tranquil hum of your tires rolling across that asphalt just for you. The car is packed full and complete. The music is ready to go. You triple check everything in the house. The windows are shut and locked. The heat is turned off. The major electric appliances are turned off.  Every thing is right where it belongs. You make your way to pick up your first cup of coffee and its go time. The first destination is loaded into your GPS.  You are ready to get this going.

When making plans to go full on into a new territory its a good idea to sort the first few stops along the borderline of familiarity with sure fire wins where you know your going to close the deal. You want to start off with that paper in hand and the wind at your back. It is a huge leg up to walk into virgin territory with a bit of a swagger that knows it can win these people over. To have that is clutch and it sure feels good. Don’t let yourself be fooled for a second though. Its not all winks and handshakes. It is a tough way when you are war driving and doing drop-ins and cold calls. It will for sure make you ask your self if you are too old for all of this shit. Why are you still chasing that closed deal that is still on down the road just after the next visit? Is this really the best use of your time and resources? How many miles and empty road nights do you have left in you? The answer is usually something like “Well, your knees deep in asphalt, hotels, and the open road now to go getting to philosophical about that.  Keep your eyes on the prize and save the therapy for the coffee shop recap you will surely do after this is all said and done.” Then you hit shuffle on your music player and step on the gas.

I know going into it that this outing is going to cover almost three thousand miles. It will take me to see known and unknown towns and stores. It will be full of the sights and sounds of Americas Southern coastline.  Taking me to such places as Richmond, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Palm Coast, Orlando, and Tampa and then back all the way up I-95 to Philadelphia.  There will be whiskey, wine, sand, sunsets, calls home, random hotels, and a wide variety of food.  There will be new tattoos, dolphins, singing of classic rock and 80’s tunes at the top of lungs while roaring down the roads of the South. All of this and more playing partner to the task at hand, selling some clothes and opening new accounts. This is the life I have chosen for the last sixteen years. I know the routine well. Ring the fucking bell…


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