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Licensed to drive

It had been so long since I had my drivers licensee, I had forgotten how much I had loved to drive. After about 13 years of not having one for no good reason that I never got a new one after I lost it (as in actually physically lost it, and didn’t own a car and had no insurance so I just got a state ID, nothing exciting or stupid...) I finally got it back. I have been obsessed with driving and getting a new car since. A good part of it is for work, but just having access to the world around me in a different way excites me! So many area and things even around Philly I have never seen or done that will keep me busy for a long time, not to mention the rest of the world. I forgot how much fun it was to drive somewhat fast, alone, singing Guns N Roses at the top of my lungs on an open road at dusk….

A large part of my job is spent on the road and one of the parts I have missed over the years is being able to pull over when I want to see a roadside oddity,  a great photo-op, or when my curiosity has gotten the better of me. That is all about to change! I have a great new Nikon D7000, a new MacBook Pro, and a new drivers license and a personal mission to document this wonderful and odd country along the way and a personal challenge to find out even more a and explore even more of this America I live in. Stay tuned.


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