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Its the little things…ok, so maybe its a BIG thing…

Its 1.21 in the morning on May 30th, 2011. At this moment three years ago exactly, my daughter was born. This tough guy was resting his sweat soaked forehead on my equally soaked forearm of the delivery room wall. My left hand resting on her mothers shoulder. Tears running down my face and doing everything in my power not to pass out or throw up all over my self. There was this new father voice in my head repeating over and over “You are a dad now, you have to set an example. You cant get sick, you cant get sick, you cant get sick”. I repeated this over and over throughout the day, but more times than I can recall in the last fifteen minutes leading up to this moment. It was a time that I will never forget, but is just as much a blur at the same time.

I will save the recap of the last three years, but I will say that was when my life changed forever. I now know love that is unbreakable, unbeatable, and has forced me to re-evaluate everything I believe in and why. Just a quick thank you to the universe, my daughters mom, and the most amazing, sweetest, and loving child this planet could hope to ask for.


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